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After the Bell Alliance

The After the Bell Alliance is a partnership of local community members, funders, and advocates who support expanded access to afterschool programs. We envision a city where all students have access to enriching experiences outside of the traditional school day.

If you would like to become a partner organization, please click here.
For general information about how you can get involved, please contact Angelica Portillo at [email protected].

The Challenge

Our first goal is to provide an additional 16,000 local children with access to free and low-cost afterschool programs. To reach this goal, we estimate local providers will need $25M annually, in addition to current available funding for afterschool programs. Local providers will also need additional in-kind support and dedicated volunteers to achieve this vision.

Why it Matters – Academic Benefits

Afterschool programs can play a critical role in helping kids stay on track academically. This is especially important for the 38% of our children growing up in poverty. Currently, only 14% of Dallas County students are graduating from high school prepared for college[1],[2]

The expansion of local afterschool programs can help change this reality. A recent Dallas Afterschool Study found that 1st and 2nd grade students enrolled in local afterschool programs performed significantly better than their peers on reading and math exams. 


Why it Matters – Social Benefits

Afterschool programs provide safe and reliable childcare for school-aged children. Affordable childcare helps single mothers and low-income families keep full-time jobs while having peace of mind knowing their children are safe.

OST programs help provide evening and summer meals to children who live with food insecurity. More than a quarter of Dallas County children do not have reliable access to enough nutritious food[3].

What We Do

In an effort to build collective support for expanded access to afterschool programs, the After the Bell Alliance:

  • Leads local advocacy efforts
  • Facilitates local awareness and collaboration
  • Tracks local afterschool program capacity
  • Manages related special projects


[2] Commit! 2015 Scorecard. 

[3] Feeding America, Map the Meal Gap 2016: Child Food Insecurity in Texas by County.


Join the After the Bell Alliance

If your organization supports expanded access to afterschool programs, we would like you to become one of our member organizations. Member organizations will be listed on the After the Bell Alliance’s webpage and other marketing materials. Your organization may also be mentioned in press releases and other media.

As an After the Bell Alliance Member Organization, you can expect to receive invitations to join special taskforces to provide oversight, feedback, and support on special projects. We will also invite you to relevant events and ask your organization to express support for our advocacy efforts.

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For general information about how you can get involved, please contact Angelica Portillo at aportillo[email protected].


Special Thanks

Dallas Women's Foundation

Dallas Women’s Foundation knows that quality afterschool care is a vital work support for families. It allows progress towards higher earnings and self-sufficiency while also preparing children for success in school and in the future workforce. We support After the Bell Alliance because of its focus on systems change that helps families today and will lead to an economically stronger Dallas tomorrow. 

Dena L. Jackson, Ph.D., Senior VP-Grants & Research

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