Building Support for Expanded Access

Dallas Afterschool partners with local community members, funders, and advocates to bring greater awareness and to support expanded access to Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. We envision a city where all students have access to enriching experiences outside of the traditional school day.

Why It’s Important

In Dallas County, there are only enough free or low-cost afterschool seats to serve 17% of over 100,000 low-income students.

We lead local advocacy efforts, facilitate local awareness and collaboration, track local afterschool program capacity, and manage related special projects.

Learn more about how YOU can use your voice to help create change in our community!

Want to Stay Up-to-Date on State, Local and District Policy?

Dallas Afterschool’s OST Policy Brief provides recommendations to support the Out-of-School Time community and the students we serve. This year’s report features guidelines on COVID-19, as well as City, State and District-level policy recommendations.