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Book Of The Month - July 2015

Posted: July 20, 2015

Have you been looking for ways to strengthen growth mindsets in your kids? 

Add The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes to your library! 

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes follows Beatrice Bottomwell, a girl who has gone her whole life without once making a mistake.  One morning she has an “almost mistake” and for the rest of the day she becomes haunted with the notion that she might make a blunder. Agonizing over the potential of making a mistake becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and leads to Beatrice losing her “perfect streak” onstage at the big talent show.  However, Beatrice and her readers find out that no one is perfect and making mistakes is a part of the learning and growing process.


As educators, we know learning from mistakes is a social skill highly important in positive youth development. From Michael Jordan to Steve Jobs, we have countless examples of people who have preserved past challenges to become some of the most successful adults. This book is one tool you can use to begin the conversation with your kids or students that mistakes do not define them. Mistakes are part of the process of success, not the end result. Once we remove the fear of failure from the Beatrice Bottomwells of the world, we enable our kids to grow stronger, healthier and smarter.

-This book is also available to program partners for check out in Dallas Afterschool’s lending library.  Email your Quality Advisor for availability and more information.



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