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Caitlin's Book of the Month - January 2015

Posted: January 15, 2015

                              My book of the month recommendation for January is

                                                   "The Book That Eats People"

                                     by John Perry with illustrations by Mark Fearing. 


                               As you can probably guess by the title, this book eats people.

                        This is a little frightening, but the experts consulted in the story say

                        that when a book eats someone it's either self-defense or a mistake.

                                              We will let your kids be the judge of that!

                                    Just like my first ever book of the month click here,

                                    this book informs its readers how to interact with it. 


                                          "Never read this book with syrupy fingers.

                                           Never read it with cookies in your pocket.

                                           Never turn your back on it."


                This would be a great book to read alongside "The Book with No Pictures"

               and could lead to a project where kids create their own special kind of book,

                        like "The Book that Thinks it is a Dog" or "The Book with no Title."

         Books about books are my favorite kind! I hope you enjoy this funny, cautionary tale.

                                    Because we don't want our readers to be afraid,

                                    I would recommend this book for ages 7 and up. 


                                                              Happy Reading! 


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