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Have You Met Millie?



What does your role as Program Associate entail? 

I assist the Program Quality Initiative team and support the resource department. In my role, there is also a large amount of general research for upcoming projects.

What drew you into the afterschool/summer non-profit sector?

It has a lot to offer to the community and is a healthy extension of the work I was doing when I was an employee of the Parks and Rec department.  Afterschool allows generous freedom to have fun while learning outside of the classroom.  It can build skill sets that will leave a lasting impression on youth development and growth.  Impacting children positively from a young age is perhaps the most crucial contribution an individual can make; I’m lucky to be a part of the process!

On a personal note, I spent a great deal of time in the public library when I was a child. I have fond memories of arts and crafts, guided storytelling and puppet shows.  Learning experiences outside of school and home play can play a huge role in the life of a child.  I hope that in making contributions to the community through my career choice, I can empower more young people to practice a positive lifestyle.

Rapid-fire time, what are your long-term goals, favorite places to travel and hobbies? 

My long-term goals include traveling, graduating from college and learning Spanish fluently. My favorite place to visit is Destin, Florida. They have the best beach! I’m passionate about reading and often have a book with me. I also like to be in nature and enjoy spending time with my two Bulldogs, Bella and Blondie.  

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