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A Life Changing Trip To The Perot Museum!

What a difference three hours can make! Until a month ago, third-grader Tremaine wanted to be an apartment mover when he grew up. But after a trip to The Perot Museum of Nature and Science with Dallas Afterschool last month, he has decided he wants to be a scientist "that studies bones, chemicals, and all the stuff that makes up the earth!" As he said, the Perot "made him feel like he stepped in to a different kind of dimension." 

The students who visited the Perot, ranging from kindergarteners to high schoolers, were shocked to discover that Dallas used to beunderwater, imagining the giant prehistoric crocodile, Deinosuchus riograndensis, swimming through their neighborhoods. In the Dynamic Earth Hall, students touched tornadoes and dressed up in bow ties and blue blazers to deliver live weather forecasts in front of a green screen. 

The students learned a lot of new facts, but it also offered them a new view of their community. They made friends with children from other afterschool programs while working together to build a robot or waiting in line to race a cheetah. Adults, dressed in business suits and speaking with foreign accents they had never heard before, helped them with activities and showed them interactive displays. It turns out it's not just the museum exhibits that make an impression on our children!

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