Reading is a critical for students since it lays the foundation for learning. Up until grade 3 children are learning to read, while afterwards they are reading to learn.

Because reading by grade 3 is one of the highest predictors of graduating high school, Dallas Afterschool began offering literacy support services to our partners four years ago. We believe it is one of the most critical resources we can provide to help level the playing field for students in our community.

Tackle Summer Slide

Summer Literacy Support Featuring IStation and Certified Literacy Coaches

Over 700 K-3 students participated in our 2019 Tackle Summer Slide (TSS) literacy program. Check out our amazing results!

Guided Literacy Support

A Low-Tech Literacy Intervention Featuring Four Stations and Literacy Tutors

This new literacy support served over 1,400 K-3 students over the summer. Check out our outcomes page for more information!