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October Books of the Month, Staff Favorites!



"I think my parents read this to me for the first time...

Social Emotional Learning in Out of School Time, Part 4

In previous editions of the Scoop, we talked about the rise of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in out of school time and how to incorporate it into both program design and program implementation.

Importance of measuring SEL

Although social-emotional skills have been an essential...

Book Of The Month - July 2015

Have you been looking for ways to strengthen growth mindsets in your kids? 

Add The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes to your library! 

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes follows Beatrice Bottomwell, a girl who has gone her whole life without once making a...

Social Emotional Learning in Out of School Time, Part 3

     In last month’s posting we discussed how to increase social emotional learning in Out of School Time programs through program design.  Now we will take a quick look at a second avenue of how intentional social emotional focus can be implemented into your program. ...

Social Emotional Learning in Out of School Time, Part 2

  Recent research  is indicating that skills and traits are better indicators of future success in the world than academic benchmarks.  These skills and traits include leadership, perseverance, self-management, cooperation, empathy, critical thinking, and awareness, among others....

Caitlin's Book of the Month-May 2015

Book of the Month: Special Edition!! 

As the school year winds down, many of us are daydreaming about how we will spend our summer vacation. Whether your family is traveling or staying home, summer is the perfect time to dive into longer books with your kids. For educators working...

Caitlin's Book of the Month - April 2015

April is my favorite month of the year!

I love all things Easter-related, so when I went to the bookstore and found myself surrounded completely by rabbit books, I was delighted. But my heart skipped a beat when I found this gorgeous edition of The Velveteen Rabbit, which I've chosen as...

Caitlin's Book of the Month - March 2015

There is still snow on the ground here in Dallas, but I am dreaming of Spring!  For March, I have selected a couple of beautiful, colorful, interactive books that make me think of a new season.  I was so delighted to find these books that encourage children to touch the pages.  ...

Caitlin's Book of the Month - February 2015

For February, I have chosen two very different books about love. I scoured the Valentine's Day shelf at my local bookstore and found the children's to be lacking. Rather than feature story about classroom Valentines and young unrequited love, I've selected stories about love of family, love of...

Social Emotional Learning in Out of School Time, Part 1

This fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Momentous Institute’s “Changing the Odds” conference here in Dallas and the Expanded Learning Collaboration’s “How Kids Learn 4” conference in San Francisco.  If I simply listed the takeaways, you would be scrolling the majority of...

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