Building Capacity

In Dallas County, there are a total of 381,376 children who are eligible to attend an after school program. However, only 22 percent of those children are enrolled in a program.

​This means over 100,000 children are without adult supervision between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

Why Afterschool Matters

Children and Families

  • Helps families keep jobs or work more hours
  • Provides safe environment
  • Provides food security


  • Promotes academic success and makes learning exciting
  • Provides social-emotional learning support


  • Reduces the likelihood of juvenile crime
  • Reduces losses from worker productivity and days missed

Our Advocacy Efforts

Dallas Afterschool partners with local community members, funders, and advocates to bring greater awareness and to support expanded access to free and low-cost OST programs.

Read our Policy Brief!

Dallas Afterschool’s OST Policy Brief provides recommendations to support the Out-of-School Time community and the students we serve.

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