Afterschool Research

Dallas After 3pm

The State of Afterschool in our Community

Dallas Afterschool partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to produce a comprehensive report on afterschool and the impact of COVID-19. Find out more about the state of out-of-school time in Dallas in this report published in February 2021.

Afterschool Access Map

Mapping the Need in Dallas

The Afterschool Access Map identifies geographic focus areas for strategic expansion of local afterschool programs. This study, performed by [bc]WORKSHOP, was commissioned by Dallas Afterschool in 2017.

Student Outcomes Project

Measuring the Impact of Quality

Dallas Afterschool is dedicated to measuring the impact of our programs on afterschool quality as well as its impact on student attendance, academic achievement, and social and emotional health.

Our objective is to continually improve our services and identify the practices that have a direct impact on children and replicate those across our partner sites. This research is the first of its kind in Texas and will greatly support our impact on programs and students.

Dallas Afterschool is proud to partner with the Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) at Southern Methodist University for data analysis and interpretation of results.

Cost and Challenge

Expanding Access to Afterschool Programs in Dallas

This report explores the cost to DOUBLE the number of available afterschool seats in Dallas as well as best practices to improve quality. This study, performed by INSPIRE, was commissioned by Dallas Afterschool in Spring of 2017.