Dallas Afterschool works to level the playing field for children of all races and economic backgrounds by informing community stakeholders, supporting afterschool and summer programs and their staff members, and coordinating community resources.

We envision a community with the resources and the will to provide impactful learning beyond the school day for all children.


We Believe That Data Drives Trusted Action.

We deliver proven, evidenced-based results that are trusted to advance the awareness, development, and fulfillment of our mission.

We Believe In the Power of the Village.

We cultivate inclusive, diverse, and equitable connections that lead to meaningful relationships and empowered communities.

We Believe Our Passion Fuels Our Impact.

We infuse our collective creativity with focused passion to mobilize people and resources towards impactful change.

We Believe In Re-Imagining the Possibilities for Out-of-School-Time.

We proactively seek and advocate for affordable, innovative, sustainable solutions to adapt to the changing needs of those we serve.