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We increase the quality and availability of afterschool and summer programs for over 14,000 students in Dallas County.

Three Hours a Day.

A Lifetime of difference.

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We make afterschool better.



We assess the safety and quality of afterschool programs so students can thrive. We work with afterschool partners to improve programming, and provide coaching, training, curriculum, technical assistance, and teaching resources.


There are only enough free and low-cost afterschool programs to meet 17% of student in need in Dallas! We work to increase public funding for afterschool at a systems-level so all families, regardless of zip code and income, have access to safe, high quality programs.


Whether it’s information on neighborhoods with the highest need or scholarly studies on how quality afterschool impacts students’ academic and emotional growth, we constantly work to build a strong case for afterschool.

From Our Partners

“Without the training, coaching, mentoring, and the personalized care provided by Dallas Afterschool, we wouldn’t be where we are today, with all our sites Certified.”

Lenita Dunlap

CEO, Heart House

“Kids need a place for themselves; school is something that is less their own and more what adults have for them. Afterschool provides more freedom for the former. Giving them that space for expression for imagination, for learning beyond the textbook, that is my goal. I just try to give my students what I needed at their age.”

Amanda Jackson

Site Coordinator, Daniel Webster Elementary