Free Training Courses

Ages & Stages

No two children are alike! In this training, we will define the multiple influences on a child and explore common temperaments and developmental stages of their growth. This training will help build foundational knowledge to help you feel confident in reaching individual kids where they are in their life.

BG & Safety

Behavior Guidance and Safety in the Virtual World

Student emotions and behaviors are difficult to manage. Even more difficult when you are in the virtual world and potential dangers can be unseen. Learn tips and tools to build a safe online community while also addressing challenging behaviors. Engage, connect, and correct your students in a way that empowers them in virtual learning while also utilizing practices and tools to keep them safe.

Activities for all Ages

Age Appropriate Activities

As students move through developmental stages, they need activities that are challenging, engaging, and appropriate for their particular stage. As many of us transition into digital programming environments, being mindful of developmental stages can help you create an engaging environment for your students to learn and thrive. During this training, you will discover how to use different activities, materials, and practices to match the appropriate developmental level of students.

Virtual Activities

Virtual Activities and Engagement

Two Truths & A Lie, Wonder Kits, Glitter Jars, and more! We all have our favorite activities to engage with students. But how do we do these activities now that we are virtual?  Through interactive games and discussions, this training will provide staff with virtual activities that can be implemented through your virtual programming.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Basics

What is SEL? It might be a buzzword but what does it really mean? Get ready to explore the world of SEL in this interactive training focused on best practices and practical programming application. Take a deep dive into the neuroscience of brain development and learn how to tame your brain in the process! At the end of this course, participants will be able to implement high-return SEL practices in their programming in order to educate the whole child.