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Fluor Corporation And United Way Of Metropolitan Dallas Partnership

Wonder Kits

Posted: September 10, 2016

Dallas Afterschool is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Fluor Corporation and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to bring active learning to North Texas children during out of school time.

Wonder Kits were created in 2012 after Dallas Afterschool received feedback from our partners about the challenges of implementing larger curriculum in an after school setting.  The main issues programs faced were:

  • Lack of time for part-time staff to learn and prep new and complicated activities
  • Use of rotating volunteers who wanted to lead activities, but were intimidated by bulky curriculum plans
  • Limited time to do hands-on activities in addition to facilitating traditional program offerings like homework help

In response to these challenges, Dallas Afterschool designed Wonder Kits to fit the needs of flexible learning environments like after school programs.  

Powered by curiosity, Wonder Kits are ready to ignite a love of learning with only 10 minutes of preparation time.  Wonder Kits contain all materials needed to run a hands-on, engaging activity for up to 25 students and feature easy to follow instructions, a how-to video and tips to make every project a learning opportunity for both activity leaders and students.

Through the generous support of Fluor Corporation and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Dallas Afterschool is expanding Wonder Kits to inspire more children during out of school time with hands-on learning opportunities.  Click here to see how students at After-School All-Stars at LIFE School thoughtfully engineered Balloon Brains to withstand impact from multiple flights of stairs! 

To find out more about Dallas Afterschool Wonder Kits or order a box for your organization, click here for more information. 

By ordering a Wonder Kit, you are not only supporting Dallas Afterschool in our mission to make afterschool better, but also playing a vital role in giving children across Texas access to informal STEM, Language Arts, and Arts. 


Check out the videos below to see the work we can accomplish with United Way and Fluor.

Here United Way Kicks off their 91st Annual celebration in Wonder Kit style.

The United Way of Dallas is helping kids in need learn skills that can help them in the future. With that, the non-profit's annual campaign kickoff day focused on STEM education. United Way CEO Jennifer Sampson talks about what STEM is and why it is important in this video.

For more footage on the 91st Annual Campaign launch, check out this video.

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